Ai-Enabled Culture Change

From consumer buying habits to employee retention, to technological disruption and climate change-induced business transformation, our collective VUCA-world experience dictates we have the foresight and agility to change with the next tide. Our AI-assisted agent combines conversational intelligence, micro-consulting, and change management best-practices to execute your business goals, fast.


We enable companies to:

  • Give employees a voice
  • Foresee employee resistance
  • Mitigate damages caused by change
  • Respond promptly to rising concerns at scale
  • Crowdsource solutions
  • Harness the innovation asset that is your workforce
  • Promote Kaizen empowerment across all functions
  • Eliminate ambiguity around the people impact
  • Solve the change management dilemma
  • Automate awareness of the need for change
  • Foster support for change
  • Codify the knowledge for how to change
  • Marshal the ability and change competency
  • Reinforce change sustainability

Employee engagement is at third-world levels and enterprise changes make this problem even worse. We are ...

  • Not an intranet.
  • Not a chatbot.
  • Not an engagement survey.
  • More than a hub for internal communication - we help solve problems, not just gather them.

More than a collaboration tool - we facilitate collaboration.

  • Get your people on board
  • Be faster than competition
  • Mitigate the risk of resistance
  • Gather feedback at scale
  • Learn what employees really think
  • Listen to what employees really want
  • The solution that creates the greatest impact and improves bottom line with any expense

Delivering expert coaching and training since 2004 and ai-enabled culture development since 2021. Our clients include: