About the CultureShift.ai Team 

Humanizing Change.

Transforming the employee experience.

Unlocking Potential.

Creating a vanguard solution has been like falling in love. 

First, we can’t stop thinking about it. 

Knowing that we have created a transformative solution that accelerates organizational health, systemizes compassionate,
two-way employee communication and turns traditional change management on its head - literally consumes our every thought with possibility and excitement.
Just the fact that we are helping companies resolve issues 18 times faster has been mind-blowing!      
transformative solution
Our founders are not just innovators - we are a team of driven entrepreneurs and proven business leaders who have directly witnessed the challenges companies face during times of growth and transition.  We understand what it takes to grow a business, or drive digital transformation, or integrate cultures, for example.  However, we have also painfully witnessed the change resistance or employee disengagement that dooms initiatives and plagues executives. We have participated and even promoted a myriad of  surveys, training, coaching, analytics, and communication solutions that fail to shepherd sustainable engagement or the leadership competency required for reliable business results. 
The sad truth is that 60-75% of change initiatives fall short or fail to meet their objectives. Not only is there decades of research validating this fact (Towers Watson, Kotter, Hughes, McKinsey, and others), but our team has personally experienced the resulting aftermath and heartache. 
And, up until now, we, along with so many other business leaders, have simply resigned ourselves to the fact that human behavior cannot be marshaled.

We were gloriously wrong! 

With the maturation of artificial intelligence and the embracement of the benefits of coaching, we seized the ripe opportunity to be more and make a bigger difference. 
CultureShift.ai is the result of a merger between two companies  - a cutting edge, augmented intelligence software solution with a long-standing, enterprise coaching and organizational development firm. 

Meet Our Founders:

Anisa Aven
Anisa Aven, BCC, NLPC, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, leads our coaching and consulting team. She is the CEO and founder of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions, an enterprise coaching and training firm with a team of 1000+ HR and strategic growth consultants, executive coaches, and trainers (est. 2004). 
vivek mehta
Vivek Mehta, Co-Founder and Managing Partner,  leads our conversational AI team. He is the CEO of Weeve - an employee engagement company focused on natural language and emotional understanding. Vivek has 10 years' experience leading teams on $100M+ projects servicing the Fortune 100.
Omar Noorzay
Omar Noorzay, Co-Founder and CPO, leads our product design and development team. As a former Deloitte consultant, Omar’s visionary experience in the areas of project management, functional design, resource management, and QA across finance, healthcare, mobility, entertainment, power and utilities industries, and more, enable us to quickly evolve our technology  and improve implementation ease. 

Our Advisory Board:

sweta pai
Shwetha Pai, Benchmark and Diagnostics: . She is the CEO of OrgAnalytix, a machine learning-driven organizational network analytics platform that measures employee inclusion within the organization. She has 18 years of experience as a Finance, Strategy, and Corporate Development leader across large Fortune 500 companies.
Mark freeman
Mark S. Freeman, MA, MS, NCC, ACS, PH.D., Organizational Development.  Dr. Freeman is an executive coach, senior organizational behavioral consultant, nationally certified counselor, adjunct professor, and organizational excellence expert, with 30+ years of organizational consultancy experience. From talent management to organizational analysis, to team development and enterprise leadership development, Mark’s expertise in human change management and organizational development is unmatched. 
Kendall Hoyd, CFA, Finance and Operations Executive. Kendall, as CEO and CFO, has transformed and elevated the performance of organizations. On his highlight reel include two 100% equity recap dividends, a successful 144(a) exit for PE sponsor, 6.1x MOIC, 71% organice, 117% acquisition growth over six years (Residential Design Services, $375 MM Division, NASDAQ: SIC); 16x increase in equity value, 10x organic revenue growth, decrease in financial close time from 25 to 5 days, 95% increase in finance/HR/IT staff productivity through process automation (Trussway Holdings, Inc. $285 MM building component manufacturer, private equity-owned). Kendall’s areas of expertise include insight and analysis, cost reduction and process improvement, financing and transactions, and operations leadership. 
David Whitmarsh
David Whitmarsh, HR Partnerships: David is the CEO and founder of Best Practice in HR, a network of more than 220,000 HR professionals and formerly the VP of Sales and then VP of Research and Revenue at HRcom, the largest online community of Human Resources executives (1 million+ HR professionals worldwide). David’s areas of expertise include digital and content marketing and HR focused business growth. 
Don Rowe
Don Rowe, HR Technology & Business Development: Don is the founder and managing director of WorkMatesHub.com, a seasoned HR technology consultant, and experienced executive in the human capital management (HCM), employee benefits and Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Don’s areas of expertise include building national networks and optimizing strategic partnerships. 
William “Bill” Larkin
William “Bill” Larkin, Management Consulting & Business Development: Bill is the co-founder and managing director of WorkMatesHub.com with 25+ years of experience in the management consulting field, and has executive level career experience within a workforce management company with $500 MM revenue. Bill’s areas of expertise include management consulting, business performance, and strategic business growth.